How Maxim Slobodian died?

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How Maxim Slobodian died has sent shock through the skydiving community. The fatal accident which claimed the life of the skydiver occurred on the 16th of July, 2022 in Switzerland.

He was apparently on a skydiving expedition in Switzerland with a friend when the unexpected happened. Upon releasing his parachute in preparation for landing, the lines holding up the parachute became twisted, which couldn’t fully open the parachute.

This incident isn’t the first of its kind as wind currents cause the parachute to twist around its line preventing it from opening. Some divers jumping from very high altitudes may have time to adjust this life-threatening occurrence, but for others like Maxim Slobodian, it might be too late. It is unknown if this occurrence is a design flaw in some brands of parachutes or a phenomenon which should be accounted for in the design of parachutes.

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A fully opened parachute with straight lines yields a safe landing vs a Partially opened parachute with twisted lines which could cause a fatal accident.

Maxim Slobodian plummeted to his death as his parachute failed to open due to twisted lines. He didn’t have time to adjust them as he fell to his death.

He was a fun-loving diver who wanted to give everyone a taste of the skies with his interesting sky diving expeditions. He would forever be remembered.

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