Is Les Moonves in prison? Former CBS Executive Biography


Les Moonves is currently not in prison. Les Moonves was the main topic of many tabloids in 2018 after several sexual harassment and misconduct allegations were levelled against him by co-workers and other women. Les Moonves was at the time occupying the position of C.E.O in the giant media company, CBS Corporation. The relentless accusations … Read more

Is Wout Faes married? Wout Faes Biography 2023


Wout Faes is married. The 24-year-old tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend Linde in April 2022. Wout Faes is currently on a 5-year contract with Leicester City after transferring from Reim. Faes was the topic of discussion after Leicester city’s match against Liverpool at Anfield stadium on the 31st of December 2022. Faes accidentally … Read more

What caused the death of the 53 immigrants in the botched San Antonio Human Trafficking?


Over 50 families from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador were left aggrieved after a failed human smuggling attempt claimed the lives of their beloveds in San Antonio. The U.S is in the process of repatriating the deceased to their respective families and countries for burial. A 911 call from a native of San Antonio … Read more

How Maxim Slobodian died?


How Maxim Slobodian died has sent shock through the skydiving community. The fatal accident which claimed the life of the skydiver occurred on the 16th of July, 2022 in Switzerland. He was apparently on a skydiving expedition in Switzerland with a friend when the unexpected happened. Upon releasing his parachute in preparation for landing, the … Read more