Zhou Guanyu F1 2022 car crash: Zhou Guanyu dead or alive?

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Zhou Guanyu is a Chinese F1 rookie racer. His big debut scored him a DNF (Did not Finish) as his car veered off the tracks in a gory accident which miraculously saw him walk away on both legs. Who is Zhou Guanyu and what happened?

Who is Zhou Guanyu?

Zhou Ganyu was born on the 30th of May 1999, in China and developed a love for car racing at a very tender age. Like most Formula 1 racing legends, the dream began with Karting. He began karting at the age of 8. Throughout his growing years, he attended car racing academies and took part in junior sub-division racing games where he excelled. He also worked as a test driver for brands such as UNI-Virtuosi before moving to Alfa-Romeo.


What happened to Zhou Guanyu at the F1 2022 racing?

Zhou Ganyu is the first Chinese driver to take part in Formula 1 racing events. This history was made on the 3rd of July 2022 at his major debut on the big racing stage. His debut as a rookie didn’t go as planned as the 23-year-old veered off the tracks with his Alfa-Romeo car somersaulting several times before landing upside down. He wrongly sped around a curve on the tracks which led him to skid off the tracks, resulting in the accident.

He somehow managed to survive the horrific accident and was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment.

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