Zhou Guanyu crash F1: Which lap did he crash?

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Zhou Guanyu is a Chinese formula 1 racing rookie who made his big debut in formula 1 on the 3rd of July, 2022. Being the first Chinese to race in the event, hopes were very for him to make an announcement of his arrival with a very good run. These hopes were dashed in the very first lap as he took his Alpha-Romeo car onto the tracks. The 23-year-old skidded off the tracks and somersaulted several times before landing upside down far away from the tracks.

He miraculously survived the accident and was immediately rushed to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.


Is Zhou Guanyu‘s crash the first?

Crashes in the formula 1 racing event are no news. Over a hundred F1 crashes have occurred over the years with many walking away freely as in the case of Zhou Guanyu. For 52 others, the races were their last moments alive. The first F1 crash death was in 1952 by an English man, Cameron Earl. He died during a test drive. The most recent was in 2017 by a French man, David Ferrer. He died during a race.

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