Naomi Jessop; an Accomplice or just a Favorite Wife?

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Naomi Jessop, born into a polygamous home and bred into the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), was a true believer of its extreme polygamous teachings with no issues.

Her father was quite prominent in the church and had about 54 children, which could be a significant reason for her beliefs.

As gathered from the Netflix docu-series, Jessop was initially married to Rulon Jeffs, the then president and prophet of the FLDS Church, who was much older than her. Soon after Rulon’s demise in 2002, she married Warren Jeffs.

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She was one of the first to submit to marry Jeffs out of his father’s widowed wives.

What happened to Naomi Jessop?

Jessop subsequently became Jeffs favourite wife, probably due to how compatible they were. She was his scribe as well as his confidant. She was known to have been the one documenting almost everything for him as well as audio recordings of his sexual assault claims with his underage girls.

Jeffs had so many rules regarding what and how the women of the sect were to dress and look, but it is speculated that she was once spotted with him in a tank top and sandals, which was prohibited.

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They were reported to hang out outside of community activities frequently.

Jessop and her brother were with Warren Jeffs when the police arrested him in 2006. They were later released after questioning since there was no proof against them.

Where is Jessop now?

She has stayed away from social media and is believed to be no longer married to Warren Jeffs. With that said, we deduce she was just a faithful favourite wife and not necessarily an accomplice.

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