Who is Oliver Lynn? Loretta Lynn’s husband Biography

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Oliver Lynn Vanetta was a talent manager and country music figure, popularly known for being the husband of the late country music sensation, Loretta Lynn. Before becoming his wife’s talent manager, he sold hard liquor dubbed moonshine which was regarded illegal at the time- This rendered him the nickname Moonie.

Lynn had six children with the country music star, Loretta before his passing in 1996 at 70.

Oliver Lynn wife

Oliver Lynn married country music sensation, Loretta Lynn in 1948 at the age of 21 when she was 15. The pair settled down shortly after Oliver returned from serving in world war 2. They also moved away from town in search of better opportunities to raise their family. On Loretta’s 21st birthday, Oliver gifted her a guitar and encouraged her to venture into music. This advice worked out as Loretta had her career breakthrough in the early 1960s. Loretta Lynn passed away in 2022 at the age 90 on the 3rd of October.

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Oliver Lynn children

Oliver Lynn and Loretta Lynn had 6 children-two of whom predeceased them. Jack, Betty, Ernest, Cissy,Patsy and Peggy Lynn are the names of their children. Jack died in 1984 on their family’s estate while crossing the Duck river. Betty also died in 2013 at the age of 64 of emphysema.

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Oliver has two grandchildren through his son Ernest and one through his daughter, Cissy.

Oliver Lynn education

Oliver Lynn had no known formal education

Oliver Lynn death

Oliver Lynn died in 1996 5 days to his 70th birthday. The cause of death was a health related problem.

Oliver Lynn networth

Oliver Lynn had a net worth of about 8 million dollars by the time of his death.

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