Is the Royal Family Crew a Dance Agency or Company? Brett Goebel Biography

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Is the Royal Family Crew a Dance Agency or Company? The Royal Family Crew can be likened to a dance company or dance group. The dance company, which is owned by world-renowned choreographer -Parris Goebel is not a dance agency hence does not manage its dancers or aid them in looking for other professional work. As a dance company, signed lucky dancers are given the opportunity to tour and compete with the company till their contracts are renewed on a yearly basis or not.

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A dance agency would typically source jobs for their signed dancers from different sources and plan a timely schedule for the dancers to complete these jobs and move on to the next.

The Royal Family company is co-owned by Brett Goebel, Parris Goebel’s father.

Is the Royal Family Crew a Dance Agency or Company: Brett Goebel Wife and Family

Brett Goebel has been supportive of his daughter’s passion to pursue a dance career from the the start. Even when Parris Goebel dropped out of high school to pursue dancing full time, he gave up his warehouse to her to use as a dance studio for her bubbing dance company.

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Brett Goebel currently manages his daughter, Parris Goebel and manages the dance company as well.

He was married to Lee Ann Goebel, with whom he has 3 daughters, Parris, Kendal and Narelle Goebel.

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