Cissy Lynn Biography: Daughter of the coal miner’s daughter

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Cissy Lynn is the second eldest daughter of the late country music veteran Loretta Lynn. Cissy Lynn is also a singer and songwriter like her mother but didn’t receive as much acclaim as a musician as her. Cissy is also most notable for her album: Daughter of the coal miner’s daughter.

It was through Cissy Lynn that her younger brother, Ernest Lynn met his first wife Cindy Plemmons in his early teens.

Cissy Lynn Age

Cissy Lynn was born on the 7th of April 1952 as such, she is 70 years old as of 2022.

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Cissy Lynn Husband

Cissy Lynn is currently married to John Beams; a member of the local band Black River Band. Cissy Lynn was formerly married to Gary Lyell in her early twenties but the pair later divorced. They had one child together named Elizabeth.

Cissy Lynn Education

Cissy Lynn attended Waverly central high school in Tennesee.

Cissy Lynn Net worth

Cissy Lynn has a net worth of over 2 million dollars.

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