Who is Alena Analeigh? 13 year old going to medical school

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Alena Analeigh has received much attention over the past few weeks over a feat which bears so much significance to the black community of the United States and the country in general; She got accepted into medical school at the age of 13!!

What had you accomplished by the age of 13?

Though her story to some adults makes them feel lazy or lagging, there is a lot we can take from her story. To some parents, the moral here would be to heavily invest in their kids’ affairs; the other may be that with time management and discipline, you can achieve anything.

So how did she do it?

Alena Analeigh Age

Alena Analeigh was adopted by her parents in Fortana, California in 2011 at the age of two. She was however born in 2009. She is currently 13 years old.

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Alena Analeigh Parents

Alena Analeigh was adopted by Daphne McQuarter. Much isn’t known about her profession or her husband. Analeigh has mentioned her to be the driving force behind her successes.

Alena Analeigh Siblings

Alena Analeigh has an older sister who is 11 years her senior. Much isn’t known of this sister of hers.

Alena Analeigh Education

Alena began reading academic books by the age of 3. Her mother recognising her gift decided to help her nurture it by preparing her for higher education. As Alena grew, she was often bullied by her intelligence and was told out of intimidation and self-pity of others that she would never succeed in her subjects by getting As.

Alena’s mother decided to homeschool her when this was brought to her attention. By the age of 11, she was preparing to graduate high school and subsequently got the chance to intern at NASA at the same age.

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She enrolled in the University of Oakland and Arizona State University at the age of 12 to pursue two different undergraduate courses. She changed her undergrad to a premed when she became interested in Viral immunology.

She mostly took her classes online and is said to graduate with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from both universities in 2024.

On the 13th of May, 2022, she shared via her social media platforms that she had been accepted into the University of Alabama Birmingham Heersink Medical school as part of an early acceptance programme.

This means that by the age of 15, she would be enrolled in medical school and graduate as a medical doctor by the age of 19.

Alena Analeigh Social media platforms

Alena Analeigh being a millennial is quite active on Instagram and Twitter. She shared the good news of her feat via these platforms- Twitter @thebrownstemgirl and Instagram @thebrownstemgirl.

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