Meet Josh Hawley: wife, children, education, age, democrat or republican

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Josh Hawley has recently been trending on social media after a heated exchange with one panellist during the senate hearing about the overturn of the Roe v Wade ruling.

The panellist was Professor Khiara Bridges, a law professor at the University of Berkeley, who didn’t take some of Josh Hawley’s statements kindly and called him transphobic. The former later criticised her teaching methods as he explained her comments to his question were uncalled for.

Josh Hawley: Wife

Josh Hawley is married to Erin Morrow. The pair tied the knot in 2010. She is a Law professor at the University of Missouri. She has three children with the politician.

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Josh Hawley: Children

Josh Hawley has three children with his wife- two boys and a girl. Abigail, Blaise and Elijah.

Josh Hawley: Education

Josh Hawley graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in 2002. He acquired his Juror’s doctorate from Yale University in 2006.

Josh Hawley: Age

Josh Hawley is 42 years old and will turn 43 this year.

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Josh Hawley: Democrat or Republican

Hawley is a republican.

Following the 2020 election of Biden into power, he incited others into believing the elections were rigged, which contributed to the attack on the U.S Capitol. He later retracted his statements when expulsion from office was imminent.

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