Is Technoblade dead?

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American internet sensation and Youtuber, Technoblade has passed away aged 23.

The young man was known for live-streaming himself playing Minecraft with other Youtube personalities amongst other fun game content. He revealed in August 2021 that he was diagnosed with cancer though he didn’t specify the type he suffered from. He, unfortunately, succumbed to the illness on the 30th of June 2022, aged 23.

Who is Technoblade?

Technoblade was an American Youtuber and livestreamer whose real name was Alexander.

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He posted videos of himself playing Minecraft and in competition with other Youtubers. He had a really large fanbase of over a million.

He kept his private life to himself and even lied to his followers that his real name was fun.

Nonetheless, he was very enthusiastic and fun to watch.

How old was Technoblade?

Technoblade was born on the 1st of June in 1999. He was 23 years old the time of his death.

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How did Technoblade die?

Technoblade announce to his followers in August 2021 that he had been diagnosed of Cancer. He passed away a year later.

What cancer did Technoblade die from?

It is not on record what Cancer claimed his life.

What is Technoblade net worth?

Technoblade had over 12 million subscribers on his combined Youtube accounts and many more on social media. With such such a following, his networth is expected to be over a million dollars.

How many Youtube subscribers and views did he have?

He had over 12 million subscribers on Youtube with 1.7 billion views.

Who is Technoblade’s girlfriend?

He kept much of life away from the public, hence , the identity of his girlfriend is unknown.

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