Bobby East Biography: Education, wife, children, parents, career wins

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Bobby East Biography

Bobby East is an American professional stock car racing driver who passed away on the 13th of July, 2022.

He was stabbed in the chest at 76 gas station in Westminister, California after a verbal exchange with Trent Millsap. He was approached by Trent while filling his car at the station. Trent engaged him in a verbal exchange when things took a turn for the worst when Trent plunged a knife through the chest of the athlete.

Trent Millsap was tracked down but was shot to death when he resisted arrest by the police.

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Bobby East was 37 years when he died.

Bobby East Biography: Parents

Bobby East was born to the renowned car manufacturer, Robert “Bobby” East Snr. The name of his mother is Janice East, formerly Kennedy. Much wasn’t heard from them after the death of their son but sources close to the family say they were left devasted by their loss.

Bobby East Biography: Children

Bobby East did not have any children by the time of his death.

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Bobby East Biography: Wife

Bobby East wasn’t married and had no wife by the time of his death.

Bobby East Biography: Education

It is not on record what high school or college he attended.

Bobby East Biography: Career wins

He was the 2012 and 2013 USAC Siver Crown Series Champion: His father designed the chassis of the car he used to win both races. He won the 2004 USAC National Midget Series Champion and the 2008 Copper World Class. He is also the 2004 Belleville Midget Nationals winner. He was announced USAC Driver of the year in 2014.

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